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About iDNA

Imagine if you didn't need to hire an expensive agency to help you with your hiring needs for your business.

Imagine if you could increase your visibility on the social media platform and your company becomes reputable to attract talents.

Imagine before you do a job posting, you have the information based on the location, talent size, talent availability and what competition you are up against

Imagine if you are able to achieve the results just a click away from your computer.

You have just imagined iDNA Managed Research Services to solve this for you.

At iDNA, we are the how and where people.  We know how to attract the talents and where are they located on the cloud.  We believe there is a better way to look for them through our Managed Research Services (MRS)


We leveraged on the LinkedIn platform and other social medias combined with our algorithm research methodology to give companies well-informed insights. Our passionate crew of certified experts are ready to solve the problems you have.


Whether you're looking to achieve a higher sales target through the right talent or having a brand presence in the digital world to attract talents or solving your hiring needs, i.dna is created for you.