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Brand Awareness on LinkedIn 

We have a group of partners who will help you in creating brand awareness on  LinkedIn.  These will include Employees personal LinkedIn page, Company connection, B2B content creation, Utilize native video content and business or event photos from you to engage on LinkedIn.  Ultimately this will increase the credibility of your company website profile on LinkedIn which will in turn translate to ROI and potential business opportunities. 

Website Retargeting

This can be done through:  LinkedIn Insight Tag to Company site and Audiences creation which eventually your audience will grow as more LinkedIn members visit your site.

Contact Targeting

With Contact Targeting, you can upload or integrate a list of contacts so that you can build a customized audience and deliver relevant content to them.

Account Targeting

You  can run Account based Targeting to match your target companies against the 13+ million LinkedIn Pages.  This will enable you to reach people with buying decision