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You have heard of it and how your competition has run it on LinkedIn, Facebook, and or Google.  They have gotten more leads or awareness in attracting talents.


From setting up to generate leads to tweaking and improving them over time, we are independent of platforms. ie We are able to run on all 3 platforms to create the awareness and ultimately to generate or attract the right talents.

Each platforms has its potentials members and followers.  You will need to understand there are several ways to achieve your objectives and usually it requires a combination.

Types of awareness you can do


​​​Sponsored content

​Effectively use to share a post with a targeted audience using articles, videos, SlideShare presentations to announce product launch, promotions and company news. 


Text ads

Similar to Google or Bing search ads. Create and feature a killer headline, description, and image.  And… catchy headline, description and image to catch audience attention and drive them to your company page for further actions.

Sponsored InMail

Send message to users' inboxes directly especially if you already have a group of company followers.  They are your interest group and more likely to pay attention to your message.

​Video Ads

Highly effective to catch audience attention with a short clip of 10 secs - 15 secs. Interesting stories, experiences and emotions are great take aways for your newsfeed.


Display Ads

Display Ads is a programmatic advertising solution. You can buy ads through your favorite advertising platform, or a private or public auction.

It uses a combination of text, sound, video and images to create the advertisement.

Dynamic ads

Use to target audience at the right time with the right messages.  Members will be able to populate their names and emails address without having to type again.