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At iDNA, we focus on talent sourcing - cloud based talent sourcing to be exact.  Before recruitment can take place, sourcing is of paramount importance as the start will determine a good hire.  Know the difference between a Recruiter and a Sourcer.  The former works on the process of hiring whilst the latter works on grounds or channels looking for talent.  Working with iDNA, you have the benefits and advantages, the whole company just do one thing - SOURCING.

Thanks to advanced technology and algorithms, we are able to constantly combed job portals and social media sites. The result - we are able to keep you posted on the number of jobs available across locations, talent pool size, talent pool availability and the competition you are up against.

In a digital economy, a good sourcing strategy is vital.  We have developed a good combinations of 10 essential techniques to source for talent on the cloud.

  • State of the Art Recruitment technologies - AI based Apps

  • Member based referral sourcing

  • Talent Pooling

  • Industry/Domain Expertise sourcing

  • Inbound/Outbound Marketing (Campaigns)

  • Talent Management

  • Branding

  • Events/Seminars and Outreach

  • Platform Leverage (LinkedIn/Google/Facebook)

  • Career Portals


We are the first with our Managed Research Services (MRS) to provide information at your fingertips before you start your recruitment journey in real time. What we are offering  is the speed of getting to that talent, the service in the ease of use of our MRS, our algorithm based driven solution on what you can really achieve in your hiring needs and most of all everything at a very competitive price.