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Job Posting

Having problem with job posts?  Experiencing failure in recruiting the ideal candidate on board?  Waiting for a long time for the right candidate to appear?  i.dna is able to provide the algorithm  required to match you with the perfect candidate in the shortest period through a direct job posting and dynamic campaign.

It’s all about identity – Who are you?  What do you do? In doing this, it’s all about optimizing your LinkedIn profile with professionally written, SEO-rich content. The higher visibility you and your company have on LinkedIn, the more people will know who you are and the positive impact you can have on their working lives. The more business people you network with online, the more likely you can generate more leads.

Having trouble with finding leads for your product?  Not hitting the required sales target?  i.dna provides the solution with qualified leads through our managed research algorithm.  This is key for B2B organizations who are focus in driving consistent and reliable revenue.  Potential leads will be in the likes of company name, contact person and industry etc. 

Branding on LinkedIn

Leads Generation