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Social Recruiting 

 TOO costly; NOT effective?

You need to pay only for the talents you wanted! Leave the Social Recruiting to us.

Imagine ...



At iDNA, we source for talents differently.  We are about data.  We use data through social recruiting to get you the right and best talents! 




We run through our algorithms to know:


How big is the talent pool?

How many are open to discussion right now?

How many will likely to responds?

What is the competition like?

Seems easy, but the complexity of running algorithms through platforms, job portals and channels, maximising the outreach to talent...do you really want to get involve?


We are independent of platforms which means we will run across LinkedIn, Google and Facebook to scout for talents.



We crawl through job portals like Jobstreet, JobsDB, Glassdoors, Indeed etc to give alert active talents and at the same time make known 'the position/role' we are looking for



Finally we will perform various of the below or combinations, depending on suitability to do shout out.  These are 


  Inbound/Outbound Marketing (eg Campaigns)

  Branding (connections, followers etc)

  Referrals (eg. specialised networks)

  Talent Management (eg. members of our site)

  Events/Seminars (eg. periodic networking sessions)

  Talent Pooling (eg. pipeline or talent builder)

  Recruitment Technologies (eg. Systems and Tools)

 Industry/Domain Expertise (Associations, Boards etc)

Imagine if you are to do it on your own....lots of work and efforts?? Leave the sourcing to US!  You just have to concentrate on getting the right and best talents.


How It Works


Location Source

For as low as SGD 2,000 we will perform location source as a member fee. You will be entitled to unlimited roles per year.  Based on our experience and recommendation, 3 roles per month is the way to go.

Terms and Conditions apply