Sourcing package 

US$1500 for a one year subscription entitles you to:


People & Talent Sourcing

  • Unlimited job postings and sourcing using our iDNA methodology through a LinkedIn landing page.  We will assist you to post and source for as many roles you have for the year in any 6 countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Recommendation: 3 roles per month with each role posted up to 10 working days.

How it works

We are data driven. We work with AI systems to provide insight how big the talent pool, how many of these talents are available now, how many are willing to explore and the competitions you are up against.

Within 10 days you will have the talents (* benchmarked against our experience with other clients)

Being informed through data and in addition to our research efforts, we are able to zoom into the talent pool.


Cost Effectiveness
You do not have to subscribe to any tools or systems apart from iDNA. You need not get busy with the tecnicality of combining all these tools.

Job Awareness
Best still, you get to post for unlimited roles for a year unlike traditional job posting. Most of the job portals are valid for a period of time.

Across Countries
Specialist for the six fastest and growing countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and The Philippines.

Add-on subscriptions:


You can add-on additional services based on further discussion for:

  • SalesGenerating Sales Lead on a co-sharing basis

  • Marketing - Product/Services Awareness and Branding

  • Market Entry Information - specific countries or industries

  • People and Talent Target specific groups of talents 

  • Research and Analytics - Business Intelligence on competitors landscape

  • Growth and Expansion - Ramp-up of resources in a short period of time 

  • Legality and Regulation - We have ourselves in HR policies and members to help with specific country or local best practices.

  • Ecosystems and Partnership - introduction of members to members within idna's ecosystem.

  • Distribution and Resellers Model - idna's ecosystems to facilitate reselling models like co-sharing workspace, legal practices, accounting, company secretaries etc.

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