Membership Price 


US750 for a one year membership.  You are entitled to:



  • Unlimited Job posting and sourcing for a year using our iDNA methodology and posting through a LinkedIn landing page.  We will help you post and source for as many roles you have for the year in any 6 countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and The Philippines.  *Recommendation: 3 roles per month and each role 10 working days.


Other interest areas:

  1. You can also get us to do more (upgrade the package based on discussion) like:

  • SalesGenerating Sales Lead on a co-sharing basis

  • Marketing - Product/Services Awareness and Branding

  • Market Entry Information - specific countries or industries

  • People and Talent Target specific groups of talents 

  • Research and Analytics - Business Intelligence on competitors landscape

  • Growth and Expansion - Ramp-up of resources in a short period of time 

  • Legality and Regulation - We have ourselves in HR policies and members to help with specific country or local best practices.

  • Ecosystems and Partnership - introduction of members to members within idna's ecosystem.

  • Distribution and Resellers Model - idna's ecosystems to facilitate reselling models like co-sharing workspace, legal practices, accounting, company secretaries etc.