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MRS with a Job Post

The Twist

Experiencing failure in recruiting the ideal talent on board? Waiting for a long time for the right talent to appear?  i.dna is able to provide the algorithm  required to match you with the perfect talent in the shortest period driving through a direct job posting.

Much as we want to say we still need to Job Post.  There is a need to create the awareness of your company and the positions that you are hiring.  You will still need to let the world know and especially the potential talents you are trying to attract.


In today's digital economy, there are so many job sites or portals available.  How do I really choose and where to post to get maximum exposure?  Before we attempt to post the job, we perhaps should know:

  • What is the current talent pool size?

  • How many of them are available and looking for opportunities?

  • Where are they located?

  • Competition up against? (companies looking for similar talents)

With information on hand plus a LinkedIn Job Post as the platform to reach out, you will be assured of the speed (3 working days) and the accuracy (Quality Talent).  

Try the iDNA way - MRS at USD 120