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Package 1

10-day solution



SGD 550

This is an excellent solution if you have a specific profile type for either a job position or other requirements, and if you have never tried looking on LinkedIn before and want to experience the difference.

Our consultants will start by first consulting with you on the job description itself and fine-tune it, if necessary, before the job is being posted on the LinkedIn platform.

During the 10-day window, we will perform research and check in with you on day 3 and day 6, to show you the key analytics of the job posting. These include information such as; members who viewed the posting but did not apply directly; other prospective members who possess the key skills required for the role and other relevant information.

Depending on the analytics, we may edit the job posting further in order to attract the targeted profiles.

Package 2

30-day solution


SGD 3000

This is the solution to go for if you have several types of profiles you're looking for. The same research consultancy is applied but for 6 job positions instead (2 jobs at a time). This is a cost effective way to find qualified candidates for whatever you're looking for.

In addition, we will consult with you about your online presence on the LinkedIn platform and advise on best approaches to position yourselves for the targeted reach you are striving for.

Package 3

90-day solution


SGD 10,000

This solution allows you to search for a maximum of 27 profile types and reach out widely, over a period of 3 months.

Our consultancy here will also extend to boosting trust and credibility of your company on the LinkedIn platform.