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Experience failure in recruiting the talents that you needed in a short period of time? The added difficult in locating the talents and the complexities in reaching out to them? Waiting for a long time for the right talent to appear?  iDNA is able to provide the algorithm  required to match you with the perfect talent in the shortest period.

Leave the complexities to us.  We will work through the various sourcing techniques to create the awareness of your company and the positions that you are hiring.  We will 'shout' to let the world know and especially the potential talents you are trying to attract.


In today's digital economy, information is power.  We make use of data that is data from social recruiting to fulfill your hiring. 


We mainly operate on LinkedIN, Google and Facebook the three most established platforms to obtain data like

  • What is the current talent pool size?

  • How many of them are available and looking for opportunities?

  • Where are they located?

  • Competition up against? (companies looking for similar talents)


We run through Job Portals like Jobstreet, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc to create the awareness of your hiring.


Of course we will do 'shout out' through the 8 channels that we are specialised in reaching out to potential talents.


  •   Inbound/Outbound Marketing (eg Campaigns)

  •   Branding (connections, followers etc)

  •   Referrals (eg. specialised networks)

  •  Talent Management (eg. members of our site)

  •  Events/Seminars (eg. periodic networking sessions)

  •  Talent Pooling (eg. pipeline or talent builder)

  •  Recruitment Technologies (eg. Systems and Tools)

  •  Industry/Domain Expertise (Associations, Boards etc)

We will support you for unlimited sourcing and you will see the power of data through speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. You do not have to own any job portals, systems or tools, campaigns etc.  Leave that you us - The Experts!


Project Sourcing price SGD 2,000 as member fee which you will be entitled to Location Source perks and SGD30,000 with recruitment strategy mapping

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